The term Due Diligence refers to a detailed independent investigation of a business transaction or decision, which facilitates the informed decision making process.

Independence is extremely important in due diligence. It brings a “set of eyes” one step removed from the business to review and consider all substantive issues which may have an impact upon a balanced decision by the decision maker.

Fides Consulting can provide independent Due Diligence services in a whole range of situations and decisions. We conduct our review in a highly sensitive and confidential manner and provide a comprehensive report of our findings to the client.


Many businesses and organisations today require an official approval, licence or a permit by law (State and/or Federal) for the right to engage in certain activities.

Fides Consulting has a broad knowledge in dealing with such statutory and regulatory authorities. We embrace working with and developing a close relationship with all statutory authorities and have achieved positive results.

We have experience with the following statutory and regulatory authorities:

  • Local Governments.
  • State and/or Federal Government Departments. (mines, environmental, planning, water)
  • Main Roads Western Australia.
  • State Administrative Tribunal.

Making sure that your business meets all Statutory and Regulatory Approvals and requirements is not only a risk mitigation but also adds value to your business.

In a competitive environment, it is important for business owners to stay focused on the primary objective of the business and not become distracted by the bureaucratic process required to obtain approvals. Fides Consulting supports and develops the business objective by undertaking comprehensive approval processes.


A Request for Advice requires the correlation of substantive matters of fact preparatory to, and in support of, a request for formal legal opinion or advice in relation to a dispute. This process sets out the factual basis that a party may seek to rely on in support of their allegations (in all forms) to ground a complaint against another.

Engaging Fides Consulting to develop and present a comprehensive request for advice to a solicitor has the potential to save clients thousands of dollars in legal fees.


At Fides we provide remote site project management services to the Mining, Civil, and Construction sectors of industry. The services are provided to the principle or contractor on a project specific, term basis.


We are subject matter specialists in providing contract management services. Contract compliance is central to successful outcomes. We focus on resolutions that minimise both financial and reputational damage arising from disputes.


All Discussions Are Strictly Confidential

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