Meet The Team


CEO/Corporate Advisor

Bill McSharer is CEO at Fides Consulting and a Corporate Advisor with 50 years of experience ranging from Pty Ltd, Unlisted Public to ASX listed companies. Bill provides independent advice for a myriad of dilemmas facing business today in relation to growth, diversities, conflict, risk and problem solving and helps directors fulfil their obligations to mitigate the risk of liability.

Bringing a wealth of experience to his honest advice, Bill looks at things differently, employing critical analysis and critical thinking so that business owners have a bird’s eye view that allows them to clearly see what is really there. His ethos for effective problem solving in business is ‘independence of mind’ and ‘critical analysis’.

Bill is known as a trusted advisor who is easy to talk to, employing a thorough approach to ensure his clients can get moving on projects, meet compliance, and have reliable answers to help solve business problems.

Bill holds a Master’s in Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Business and a Diploma in Company Directorship; he is currently studying to achieve a Bachelor of Laws.


0447 733 372


Due Diligence Consultant & Administration

Hailey McSharer brings extensive experience to her due diligence role at Fides Consulting, having worked in small to medium – sized businesses in both private and public companies, as well as in government and non-profit organisations. Her experience includes working with a business through the transition from company to unlisted public company. This background has given her an inside perspective on a range of business structures which in turn has supported her skills to client projects and administration management in her current role.

As the face of the business, Hailey gets to know clients and helps clarify content and processes for them, particularly in regards to due diligence. She enjoys finding the facts and seeing how they tell a story – then communicating this to the client. Hailey brings a methodical, research-based approach and a focus on clarifying and easing business processes, so that business owners develop a better understanding of statutory and regulatory requirements and not get bogged down in paperwork! Her positivity and level of engagement help clients to feel comfortable, looked after and at ease. She also brings a youthful, tech-savvy energy to the business and to client projects.


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