Meet The Team Of Dedicated Professionals Who Could Soon Be Assisting You To Find Targeted Business Solutions


With over 40 years of commercial  experience at every company level, Bill draws on  a huge reservoir of knowledge.  Bill's experience includes strategic business planning, business management, contract and project management, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, dealing with local government, obtaining statutory approvals, advocacy,  chairing Boards of Directors operating in both the private and public sectors, design and implementation of management structures & much more.  

Through a continual upgrade of skills and a continuing focus on the application of sound business principles, Bill has brought tremendous  impetus to Fides Consulting. 

Bill's commercial experience is underpinned by a number of qualifications including a Diploma in Company Directorship. Bill is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors [MAICD] and the Australian Land and Groundwater Association. [MALGA]

Bill McSharer is employed by Fides as a Business Consultant. Though highly experienced, Bill operates an open door policy and works closely on every project undertaken by Fides Consulting.

Bill is a very well respected business operator who first and foremost believes in honesty and integrity. When Bill assesses a project he will only proceed if he feels confident that the company can be of real assistance. He enjoys talking with people in a relaxed environment and determining what the real need is. Bill will often take clients back to fundamentals, drawing on his experience to analyse the matter thoroughly. You will find Bill very easy to work with and often able to find solutions to situations that you may never have considered. Please feel free to contact Bill using the contact details on this website.


Hailey Works very closely with her husband Bill to provide administrative support in the projects that Fides consulting undertakes. Hailey has extensive experience in small to medium-sized businesses having worked in both private and public companies as well as in government and non-profit organisations. Hailey's experience includes working through the transition from company to unlisted public company, working closely thereafter as the personal assistant to the executive chairman and board members. Hailey's experience is underpinned by a certificate II in business and administration.

Also as a complement to our other services Hailey has gained some experience with internal auditing working along with an ISO9001 Accredited Consultant, so together we are able to guide and assist clients on their pathway to ISO9001 accreditation.

Hailey is an essential part of the team in Fides consulting bringing enthusiasm and sound business experience to the mix. Hailey works closely with Bill, working to develop and grow Fides Consulting and embracing technological developments that ensure that the company can meet the demands of working in the 21st-century. For example, the company undertook the installation of extremely specialised plotting and mapping technology and Hailey has taken the lead in ensuring that she has, and can use, the skill set required to use this technology beneficially.


Elaine Is the third member of the management team working in Fides consulting. Elaine's principal experience lies in customer liaison, book keeping & administration. Elaine has extensive experience in knowing how to define what clients are looking for and in working with small to medium-size businesses.

Elaine is a very organised and thoughtful person who brings her experience to bear within Fides Consulting, applying checks and balances along the way to ensure consistency in the company's support.

Along with Bill and Hailey, Elaine has made sure that her knowledge of technology has continually kept up with developments in the 21st-century. Through the combination of extensive business experience and the appropriate use of modern tools, Elaine plays a key role in the success of Fides consulting. Elaine is very good at seeing the way forward and over the years has worked in businesses that have required that she grow into different roles as the companies established themselves and grew, in some cases substantially. Elaine is very enthusiastic about the work of Fides consulting and is an important member of the management team.

This year Elaine completed her Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting inclusive of BAS Agent Certification which brings another dimension to the services offered by Fides.

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