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icon Due Diligence

The term “Due Diligence” refers to the investigation of a business, person, contract or decision that requires a certain standard of care be exercised. Usually it is left to the purchaser of a business to do their own investigation. The same can apply to a number of situations. Often there is a degree of complexity in the situation or in the decision being reviewed. This is where a careful detached approach can be extremely valuable. Independence is extremely important in due diligence.

Due diligence enlarges the amount of information that is available and checks the quality of the information already provided. Armed with these additional facts it makes it possible for a person who is in a position of decision making to make an informed and reliable decision.

icon Mediation

The fundamental concept of mediation is the development of a mutually agreeable resolution to a dispute. The mediator’s role is not to reach a decision; it is to help the parties reach their own decision, it represents a compromise between the parties. The concept of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process can, if successful, save the parties substantial legal costs.

Comment: at Fides Consulting Pty Ltd we believe it is a far better concept for the parties to mutually resolve a dispute between themselves as opposed to embarking on a formal legal process which may result in a third party making an arbitrary decision for them and imposing that decision upon them.

icon Requests For Advice

A request for advice requires the correlation of substantive matters of fact preparatory to, and in support of, a request for formal legal opinion or advice in relation to a dispute. This process sets out the factual basis that a party may seek to rely on in support of their allegations (in all its forms) to ground a complaint against another.

Engaging Fides Consulting Pty Ltd to develop and present a comprehensive request for advice to a solicitor has the potential to save clients thousands of dollars in legal fees.

icon Risk Mitigation

Risk avoidance and risk reduction are two ways to manage risk. Risk avoidance deals with eliminating any exposure of risk that poses a potential loss. Risk reduction deals with reducing the likelihood and severity of a possible loss.

In today’s corporate world risk is ever present in all aspects of business, at Fides Consulting Pty Ltd we assist clients in the identification of, or likely exposure to, risk and in consequence how best to mitigate that risk.

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